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Odonata Wellness is located in the heart of Kamloops. This intimate, community-focused boutique studio offers yoga, movement and mindfulness practices within small group programming: suited to both the beginner and seasoned practitioner. Whether seeking consistency in your practice; greater flexibility; or searching for effective ways to manage anxiety and stress, you will find support and safety here.  Dan & Robyn Hines have created Odonata Wellness with you in mind.



Vaccine Passports

As of September 13 2021: In order to create an environment where all students feel safe we will ask you to arrive masked and show either your vaccine passport or card before entering the studio.  We appreciate your consideration as we do our best to keep the studio and all the students who choose to attend, protected.  We thank you in advance for your respectful consideration.



Namaste and blessings. As a healthy woman but of senior age, I very much appreciated the pace, the gentle postures which also pushed me to excel my practice, and the participation of a community during my recent classes. I especially benefited from the introductory lesson from Dan which was so beautifully integrated by Robyn into the yoga practice. I looked forward to the class and always felt refocused, re-centred, and nourished after each of the sessions. Although during CoVid this was experienced through ZOOM I did not feel I missed anything , except perhaps for the physical hug of gratitude at the closure. I am looking forward to my next experience with Robyn and Dan. So grateful for the opportunity and experience of such wonderful practitioners 🙏

Iris Rich 

When I came to Odonata, I had not done any yoga in a long time because of old injuries that were aggravated by some yoga poses. Robyn took the time to listen to my concerns, and then suggested what poses would be most helpful to me and which to avoid. As a result, I was able to relax and really enjoy the class. I really appreciate that Robyn's small classes allow for one-on-one interaction with the instructor, and Robyn is genuinely caring as well as knowledgeable.

Diane McKelvey

I enjoyed doing online Yoga with Robyn and Dan. They are both immensely caring and passionate about helping others.

Violet Reynolds

When I started classes with Robyn it was my first time doing yoga and Robyn was so patient with me. Robyn was very professional in her teaching. I was made to feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend Robyn's yoga classes to anyone whether new to yoga or experienced in doing yoga.

Len Fraser

I’ve been fortunate enough to do several week long classes with Robyn at odonata studios, she offers a healthy, safe, welcoming environment and frees you up to relax while creating a space for you to become healthier and happier. I am in an extremely challenging part of my life’s journey right now and Robyn was so knowledgeable and accommodating to my emotional and physical needs. Her awareness of the human body and her studies of yoga and how to help correct and maintain old injuries and guide my body to repair itself with gentle yoga moves was amazing. She’d reach out to other fellow yoga teachers snd her instructors to help me. Her language of the history of yoga which she incorporates into every class is so impressive and yet she is the kindest, humblest woman. I quite often would leave her class experiencing more joy and energy flowing through snd around me, that I didn’t realize I could create during my emotional time right now, I believe it’s because of her awareness and study of yoga and how it can aid the body to optimum health. I am truly grateful to be able to practice, learn and grow with her as an amazing instructor!

Donna Bowie